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About Us

Frustrated by the stream of conflicting information regarding traditional training protocols and there ineffectiveness for the general population due to time constraints, cost, results and simply, a lack of enjoyment.  We went in search of a training system that would cater for our clientele across these four areas.

We stumbled into CrossFit in 2009, thanks to a coach who opened our minds to a fresh and new approach to training, using techniques known for performance enhancing applications, but until this point we had never seen this combination or intensity used like this before.

The amalgamation of Olympic Lifting/Gymnastics and Mono-Structural exercise during high intensity workouts was a breath of fresh air.  Given we both came from sporting back grounds, the athletic application was instantly recognisable and it was obvious we were onto something brilliant.

CrossFit is everything athletes have practiced over the last century; combined into a training system for everyday people.  Upon further research, it was clear; this training method was effective, fun and inexpensive.  The work outs were gratifying and instantly measurable, both physically and mentally.

The freely available information highway is what we admire most about CrossFit, created by Greg Glassman and the team at CrossFit HQ; CrossFit is second to none.  The community is dedicated to creating a stronger, more athletic, pain free human race, and we wanted to be a part of the movement.

Over our 20 years in the fitness industry we have seen many training FADs come and go.  I can assure you this is definitely not a FAD. The science is sound, the results are fast, long lasting and the system is constantly evolving; CrossFit is here to stay and so are we!